Free Consultation


About the Service

Garden landscaping requires proper planning. If you wish to revamp your outdoor space, take the advice of landscaping experts. At Emerald Gardening Services, we provide brilliant landscaping designs and services. Also, we facilitate free consultations for our clients. We will advise you on what to include and what not to include in your garden.  


What To Expect from Our Services?

Get to Know Which Trees to Plant

Want a green yard? But what trees should you plant in your yard? Our experts will guide you on the beneficial ones. 

Decide on whether to Have Water Bodies in the Garden?

You may want to include a fountain in your garden. But will your location allow you to have it? No worries, we will discuss.

Should You Go for Tree Removal?

Free consultation and tree examination will explain whether you should opt for tree removal or leave it as it is.

Suggestions for Selecting Driveway Material

Gravel or cobblestone, what should you choose for driveway installation? If you are confused, we can enlighten you.

We Provide Customizable Garden Designs

Ready with some designs? Let us know before we start the renovation. We will make sure to discuss all the requirements.