Tree clearance

Tree Clearance Service in Dublin

Tree Clearance Service in Dublin

Tree clearance of forests and woods is the way by which vegetation such as bushes and trees, along with their roots gets permanently removed. Tree clearance in commercial/residential properties is usually done to create ways for new developments or eliminate the diseased trees. This involves stump grinding, tree felling, and scrub clearance to begin with a new structure of development. 

Removing large limbs and diseased trees free up spaces for a shed, a pool, or establish any structure that helps you to enhance the quality of your life. In addition to that, you can be sure of adding value to your property with a spacious walking area, 


FAQs About Our Tree Clarence Service in Dublin

1. Do I need a permit for tree clearance?

You may need it! Some areas under the municipality do require a permit for a tree clearance service in Dublin. Often it depends on the location and size of your tree, whether the tree is causing a hazard, if it is a tree on the street, an invasive species, etc. Our professional arborists can assist you in determining whether you’ll need a permit to apply for tree clearance and also help you in obtaining one. 

2. How much does a tree clearance service cost?

The cost of a tree clearance service in Dublin depends on many factors. They mainly include the tree height & diameter, condition of your tree, range of accessibility, the consequences you demand after branch and trunk removal, and stump grinding. You may also have to bear the cost of drive time and mileage

3. What should I consider within a tree clearance company?

You should consider factors like reliability, quality, and experience. Emerald garden services have years of experience in dealing with tree clearance service, providing a full range of tree services starting from tree removal and pruning to hardscapes/landscapes, and stump removal.

4. Do you eliminate the stump after a tree clearance service?

We can eliminate or keep the stump just as you wish. If you’d like to remove the stump along with our tree clearance service in Dublin, we can do it for you after clearing down the tree. We’d be happy to remove the stump after tree clearance. You can use either our stump removal service or stump grinding service

5. When should I call a tree clearance service in Dublin?

Trees may need clearance irrespective of seasons around the year. You can tell if you need a tree clearance service when you see the following signs in your tree:

  • Large Fungi
  • Leaning
  • Exposed branches
  • Too near for comfort
  • Hollow trunk
  • An increasing number of dying or dead branches
  • Looks like it may fall in no time
  • Too damaged after a storm
  • No new/healthy green life
  • Dead trees
6. Do I need to stay home for the tree clearance process?

No. You don’t have to be home until you provide our contractor with access to your property for the tree clearance service.