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tree reduction in dublin

Tree Reduction in Dublin

Trees in our garden can become overgrown and lose their shapes and beauty over time. When trees lose attraction, usually we go for pruning and trimming –  but sometimes they are not enough. For such instances, you need to go for professional tree reduction services. Tree reduction in Dublin is not an easy task, especially if you are not trained, you can harm your tree or injure yourself in the process. 

In the tree reduction process, our experts use three major procedures. These are tree crown reduction, tree crown lifting, and tree crown thinning. With our advanced training, tools, and safety concerns you can trust Emerald Garden Services, for proficient tree reduction in Dublin.


FAQs About Our Tree Reduction in Dublin​

1. When should you go for a tree reduction?

When your tree starts to outgrow your garden or designated place where it was supposed to grow – you must consider tree reduction. We also assess the surrounding areas of the tree to ensure your property is cleared of all debris from the tree that might harm the property.

2. Is tree reduction an expensive affair?

No, a tree reduction in Dublin is not an expensive deal. The cost of the reduction process depends on the size and amount of reduction you need to ensure its stability inside your property. Emerald Garden Service always provides a free quote before starting their work, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges.A

3. Is tree reduction safe for my tree?

Tree reduction is a risky affair if you do not get it done by an expert. Certified and experienced tree surgeons from Emerald Garden Services can safely remove the overgrown parts of your tree without harming it anyway.

4. Do you have all the necessary equipment for tree reduction?

At Emerald Garden Services we have all the necessary tools and heavy equipment required to offer you a stunning and safe tree reduction proces

5. Do you have licenses or permits for the job?

Yes, Emerald Garden Services is a licensed and registered company and we have the necessary permits to provide to offer tree reduction in Dublin. All our experts have proper certificates and experience to handle any kind of tree-related task properly and swiftly. 

6. How long does the tree reduction process take?

Depending on the size of your tree and the amount of reduction necessary for your tree requires the surroundings of the tree are all part of our calculated tree reduction process. You will get the time and cost details on our free quote. 

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