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Tree trimming is a necessary part of tree care. When a tree gets old without proper trimming and pruning, it may lose its structural integrity and lose its desired shape. Our certified professional arborists will perfectly and smoothly conduct all tree trimming procedures to ensure your tree stays healthy and looks stunning. But the job is nevertheless very delicate as one wrong pruning cut can damage the tree entirely. Therefore, for any tree trimming in Dublin, trust the experts trust Emerald Garden Services.

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FAQs About Our Tree Trimming Dublin

1. Are you a licensed tree cutting service in Dublin?

Emerald Garden Services is one of the leading fully licensed tree cutting services in Dublin. Apart from that, our experts hold years of experience and the necessary skills to perform perfect tree trimming tasks.

2. Do you use any modern equipment for tree trimming?

At Emerald Garden Services, we have a huge collection of modern tree trimming tools to offer you the most precise tree trimming in Dublin. We have both electrical and non-electrical latest heavy-duty tools to ensure that we always deliver the best tree care services to you.

We have diesel powered heavy-duty chainsaws at our disposal, pruning shears, loppers, hedge shears, pruning saws, pole chainsaws, long reach tree pruners, different mechanical saws, and more.

3. Are your services affordable?

Emerald Garden Services always tries to offer the most affordable yet unmatched tree trimming Dublin. You will always be offered a completely free quote of work before beginning, and if you agree with our assessments, only then we will proceed with the job. Apart from trimming, we also offer tree removal, tree maintenance, tree clearance, tree reduction, crowning services, and more at very reasonable costs. 

4. If the job becomes messy, will you clear our backyard?

As we offer the best trimming, pruning and tree cutting services in Dublin, we believe it is our duty to clear all the fallen tree parts and debris out of your backyard. After we are done with the trimming tasks, our experts will clean the place for you to ensure it remains safe for you and your family. We know and understand even a small piece of broken wood can become a serious safety risk for you and your family. 

5. Do you follow safety procedures for tree trimming?

At Emerald Garden Services, safety is our top-most priority. We will recommend a safe distance for you and your family before starting the task. Our experts always follow several safety procedures and use safety devices like cut resistance gloves, safety helmets, chainsaw helmets, safety vests, carbineer and rope systems to ensure fall prevention, and many more. This is why we can proudly call ourselves one of the pioneers of tree cutting services in Dublin.

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