Tree removal

Tree Removal Dublin

Tree Removal Dublin

Trees provide shade, entice wildlife and make a soothing sound in the breeze. However, old and decaying trees can do much more harm than it’s worth. 

If you have also got a hazardous tree on your premises, “Emerald Garden Services” – the best tree removal Dublin company is your best rescue companion.  At Emerald Garden Services, our tree removal team has state-of-the-art equipment and uses industry’s best tree removal practices. We adopt an extreme level of safety and precision to ensure there are no accidents and injuries during our tree removal service Dublin.

Tree Removal in Dublin

FAQs About Our Tree Removal Service Dublin​

1. When should I consider your tree removal services?

Although tree removal is a last resort, there are certain situations when it is necessary. If you’re dicey on whether or not to call you require tree removal, call our tree removal Dublin team and they can help you decide whether or not your tree must be removed.

2. How much does your tree removal service Dublin cost?

The price of tree removal depends on a range of factors. The height of your trees will play a big role in the cost. The diameter will matter too. Other considerations that we weigh in tree removal cost are the condition of the tree and how easily accessible it is.

3. What’s involved in the tree removal process?

Our licensed tree arborists use cutting-edge tools to chop your tree into a series of sections from top to bottom. We prefer this way rather than a single giant cut at the base of the tree as this is much safer. When it comes to larger trees, we use a crane. This allows us to lift the tree without letting it fall to the ground, thus lowering the risk of damage to your property. 

4. Do you dispose of the dirt after the tree removal Dublin process?

Yes, we do! Emerald Garden Services strives at leaving the property impeccably clean after our work. Our arborists make sure no dirt or debris is left behind on the property. If the clients request us, our arborists can also cut the removed tree into firewood.

5. How do you protect my property during work?

At Emerald Garden Services, we take all necessary precautions to protect the client’s property and minimize any damage to the landscape. Our team lays down protective cover over delicate structures on your property. 

Also, our arborists have a track record of handling the toughest tree removal jobs with zero injuries or accidents. So, you can rest assured that we will protect your property the best during our work.

6. Is Emerald Garden Services licensed and insured?

Yes! Emerald Garden Services meets all the legal requirements for insurance and licensing. We also carry liability coverage to protect your property from any damages and worker’s compensation insurance for any employee-related accidents or injuries.

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