Hedging Removed


About hedging removed

Emerald Garden Services can be your perfect choice for the best hedging removed services in Dublin to deal with unkempt hedges. Nurture the much-needed love and attention to your beautiful garden with us. Our professional arborists are proficient in identifying dead hedges and removing them off. The hedge removal services of Emerald Gardening Services can rightly boost the curb appeal of properties.


What to expect from our hedging removed services?

Deal with overgrowth

Our hedge removal services facilitate regular maintenance and trimming, thereby, preventing hedges to overgrow and quickly take over the entire garden.

Boosting the health

By regularly trimming and removing the diseased hedges, we encourage and stimulate new growth to keep the hedges healthy and strong.

Improving the privacy

We prevent the foliage from growing past the required length which makes the hedge look much thicker thus keeping away intruders from peeking into your property.

Increase the property’s value

We maintain a neat-looking hedge to elevate the exteriors of your home which becomes extremely vital if you are looking to sell your property.

Prevent bugs and diseases

We frequently remove dead and diseased hedges from gardens to reduce the insect infestation and spread of disease to other healthy hedges.