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Why Should You Hire a Certified Tree Surgeon?

Did your tree broke? Is there a sick tree? Is your tree dying? Pests all over your tree? 
Need maintenance pruning?

Tree surgeons are the ones you want for all these aspects. They are known as experts in the field of arboriculture. One day or the other our trees need to be looked after to survive. In such times, these surgeons are no more than doctors.

Professional tree service qualities:

Early disease detection

Excellent customer service

Extensive experience

Preventive care policy

Modern equipment

✅ Good online reviews

During this check-up, you certainly do not want any accidents. Or do you? Any certified tree surgeons in Dublin would never let that happen. Like many fishes in the sea, you will find many “self-proclaimed tree surgeons” in Dublin. But if you prefer quality do not compromise in hiring just anyone. 

Want to know why? We have collected a list of reasons why you should look for certified professionals to take care of your trees. 

 Reasons to hire certified tree care professionals for your landscape

They can protect your investment

Did your landscape cost you an arm and a leg? A slight mistake in one of your trees can cost you a fraction of that again. If you hire an un-certified tree surgeon, then get ready for such accidents. 

The same would happen, if you do not know how to take care of the expensive plants and trees in your landscape. To avoid any such instance, you should always hire certified professionals.  

Our professionals at Emerald Gardening Services have been experienced for years to safeguard plants and trees. You can rest assured, without worrying about ending up losing your money. 

Your trees are handled with the right equipment

Any sort of tree trimming service needs to care for with the right tools. Or else, you’re risking harming your tree. For example, one should never use spikes to climb trees. It’s the most incorrect tool that can make the tree vulnerable to dangerous infections.

What certified tree surgeons not do while tree care:
  • No stub cuts
  • No heading cuts
  • No flush cuts
  • No lion tailing

Our professionals are always equipped with specialized tools and equipment. It’s for yours, as well as our safety. We carry rigging equipment like carabiners and pulleys; cutting equipment like pruners, trimmers, climbing gear, and many more. 

Ensure that your tree is safe

Handling trees comes with lots of challenges. You cannot expect safety with someone inexperienced or unknowledgeable. An untrained “self-proclaimed” tree surgeon will make your job harder and harm your tree. 

Following methods ensure that your tree is growing safely:
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Check on tree guards
  • Restrict pests

But the trained professionals always handle these challenges with care. They know and follow all the necessary safety tips before reaching your tree. You have to understand that it’s not always about their safety. An improper method of care can even harm your property 

For example, imagine you’re rest assured thinking you’ve hired a professional. One of them lose control and a branch fell on your roof. It can be your roof or any structure that may damage.

If you hire our certified professionals, rest assured to minimize such risks 

They can recommend tree care

Most of the time, you may need some advice on how to deal with your trees. Not everyone stays equipped with the knowledge of tree species. Can you specify the qualities of every tree in your landscape? Maybe, or may not. But it’s no lie that every tree needs special care.

Tree care recommendations by professionals:
  • Mulching
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning
  • Tree Inspection
  • Nature Damage Prevention

Hiring tree surgeons you are not always expected to make them cut your trees. A certified tree surgeon knows all the bits and pieces of a tree’s nature. 

 If you want any advice over the same, you can arrange a visit from our tree experts with just a call. 

Reaching your location, we’d examine your trees and look for any issues. Knowing what exactly your tree needs, we’d suggest you a couple of suggestions. We can also work on boosting your tree’s condition and work on its appearance.

 You get an all-in-one solution

Tree maintenance may seem pretty easy when you see someone else doing it. But, it’s not so. There are multiple tree services out there. But you wouldn’t know which one serves what. For example, A tree removal service and a tree trimming service would be two different companies. It’s quite a daunting task when to hire which.

 But, a certified tree surgeon will have years of experience in the tree industry. Our professionals can effectively customize an all-in-one solution for you. After that, you may assuredly maintain your trees as you want. Since we are equipped with all the equipment we can always step on to perform any sort of tree service.

You can call them in emergencies

Did an unexpected storm fall down your tree? If you have a fallen tree or one that’s about to fall, only a tree surgeon from an emergency tree services company in Dublin would respond. They come to you as soon as they can.

Moreover, they are confident to handle an emergency situation. Certified experts are periodically trained to take care of dangerous scenarios like this. We know to take safety precautions that’d keep you and your property safe.

So, when to call tree surgeons?
  • There are damaged limbs and branches
  •  Hanging limbs and branches on a structure
  • You want to make your young tree grow stronger
  • Heavy and saggy weak branches or limbs

How Emerald Garden Services can help

Our goal is to make the lives of Dublin residents easier with many tree services from a single platform. We ensure the beauty, health, and structure of your trees, making them susceptible to insects, disease, and growth complications.

Are you looking for a certified tree surgeon? Our professionals can show you how certification makes a difference. With over a decade into this industry, we have over 600 trusted clients so far.

Ensure professional tree care with certified experts from Emerald Garden Services in Dublin! Contact us now!

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