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Tree Removal Cost: The Average Prices To Take Down Trees In Dublin

Wondering how much professional tree removal service Dublin costs?

Then, you’re just at the right place! Here, you’ll learn:

  • Average tree removal cost
  • Factors influencing tree cutting cost
  • The number of trees you can get removed within different price ranges

Keep reading to get answers to all your questions on the tree root removal cost!

Average Tree Removal Cost

Professional tree removal Dublin service can cost anywhere between $200 to $2,000. The average tree removal price falls around $750. 


National Average Cost: $750
Minimum Cost: $200
Maximum Cost: $2000

Factors Influencing Tree Cutting Cost

Tree cutting costs vary widely based on –

  • Type
  • Health and condition of the tree
  • Emergency tree service
  • Number of trees
  • Region: Rural v/s Urban Area

Take a look at the various tree removal price below based on these factors –

Type  👇

  • Oak Tree

Some states prohibit the removal of oak trees – as they are considered heritage trees. So, contact your city’s planning department first to seek permission for the removal of your oak tree.

If you’re allowed to remove it, expect to pay between $800 for a 60-foot oak tree. But if your oak is around 100 feet, the average tree removal cost would be around $2,000. 

  • Aspen

Aspen is a popular tree in Dublin, just like balsams and cottonwoods. These trees are magnificent, reaching heights up to 90 to 115 feet. Due to their complex root system, aspen tree removal can cost between $1000 to $1,800.

  • Cedar

Cedar trees are native to places with very high altitudes such as the Mediterranean. So, the chances are high that the cedar tree in your Dublin yard is a “false cedar and not a true cedar”. 

False cedars look very much like true cedars. It can reach heights up to 50-230 feet. Depending on the height, the tree removal cost of cedar can be between $250 and $1,500.

  • Maple

Maples can grow up to 100 feet high and have very large branches. This makes them a little expensive to remove. Expect to pay somewhere between $250 and $2,000.

  • Palm

Palms are extremely bulky trees, weighing between 100 to 1,000 pounds per foot of truck. 

The cost to cut palm trees between 35 to 60 feet tall is $650. For palm trees taller than 60 feet, the tree removal cost will jump from $1,100 to $1,500.

  • Pine

You will have to spend $250 to $1,500 to cut down a pine tree. The size and health of the pine tree will have an impact on this price estimate.

Older pine trees cost more not only because of their size but also because of their deep tap root system. The arborist will have to cut into the surface roots and clear the stump after the tree removal. 

Without this extra expertise, you might leave seedlings in the soil. And have a new pine tree in your yard before long.

Health And Condition Of The Tree

Diseased trees are a health and safety hazard to other trees and your property. But such trees are easier and less expensive to remove. 

A diseased tree that has already fallen makes the tree removal cost cheaper. Since the tree trunk is already laying on the ground, the arborists won’t have to put much effort to deal with it. You need to pay only about $100 to $300 to get it removed from your property.

But if the tree is in a dangerous position, get set for a high tree removal cost.

Emergency Tree Service

There is quite a difference in the price between a tree removal scheduled weeks earlier and a tree removal booked hours before. Like all urgent services, emergency tree removal cost is also higher. The price can easily go up to $5,000.

Number of trees

If you need to clear a large number of trees from a particular area, you can pay the tree removal cost by acreage. Lightly wooded areas may cost you between $500 to $2,500 per acre. While a higher tree density may put the cost between $3,000 to $6,000 per acre.

Region: Rural v/s Urban Area

The cost of professional tree removal services can also vary by rural or urban locations. In a city, tree removal companies are generally closer to you. You won’t likely need to pay for the time spent by the arborists traveling to your property.

But in case you reside in a rural area, tree removal companies charge about $0.50 per mile to travel to your destination. 

The Number Of Trees You Can Get Removed Within Different Price Ranges

Here are the number of trees you can remove within a range of prices –

  • $200 to $450

The lowest tree removal cost is $200. With this price, you can remove one small-sized tree, typically 10 to 30 feet tall. 

  • $450 to $1,200

Trees that are about 30 feet tall cost about $450 for removal. 

You can have a tree of 60 feet tall removed for about $1,200. With this price range, you can also afford to remove two to three small trees.

  • $800 to $1,500

For a large tree of about 60 feet tall with wide trunks, you will have to pay around $800. 

Trees up to 80 feet tall cost around $1,500. Alternatively, you can have three or four small trees or two mid-size trees removed for this price range.

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