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5 Services Offered By Every Tree Care Company

Tree care professionals are experts on tree health. They have education with applied experience to take proper care of trees and shrubs. 

Emerald Garden Services have been dealing with updated knowledge of tree services for years. Every tree care company would say they are the best. But don’t fall into their words. A tree service must always have certain offerings on its list. 

It’s important because one service depends on another. For example, if you want to remove a tree you must trim it first. You don’t want to hire two different companies for the initial trimming and later removal. Hence, let us find out about these must-have tree care services in a company. 

Personalized plans among tree care services for the best development and growth of plants

Pruning and trimming

Trimming and pruning are essential to keep trees healthy and beautiful. Trees can die with wrong tree-cutting practices.

We offer real-time tree care. Our tree professionals are knowledgeable. We are confident because we hire the ones who hold qualified certificates. They know the techniques of right trimming and pruning of each tree species. 

This enables us to give you personalized tree care. Your plants will grow strong, lush, and disease and pest-resistant.

Tree Removal

We ensure the safety, health, and beauty of your trees with optimal care. But tree removal Dublin can ensure the safety and health of your property. A distressed or sick tree needs to be removed in unavoidable circumstances. 

Note: Tree removal is not DIY. Without proper experience, training, and equipment, it is way too dangerous. 

For example, you can sustain a fall injury if you sit on the wrong branch while trimming. We usually plan your project. Only after safety is confirmed we proceed with tree removal service in Dublin.

Tree planting and transplanting

Professionals can tell you the best tree species for your lifestyle, personal needs, and property.

Each of our tree care plans is personalized! This means we understand sun exposure, soil quality, and watering requirements of different species. 

We help you design a fire-resistant or drought-resistant landscape. Whatever your landscaping goals are, always feel free to contact us. 

Inspecting tree health

Tree care specializes treat and diagnosing different pests and diseases. It is crucial to evaluate each tree closely for signs of injury, damage, concerns, and their causes.

We offer each of your trees individual assessments. We provide routine tree care inspections, following which we offer educational-based tree care

Managing vegetation and preventing wildfire

A professional tree care service must also provide vegetation care. This means they should treat any sort of diseases or pests attacking your vegetation. 

Dublin wildfires are common in dry weather. This has increased the risk of growing wildfires in most vegetation.

Keeping your property healthy is important to us. By creating Wildfire Defensible Spaces, we help safeguard your property from wildfire threats. 

Furthermore, we minimize the risk of natural disasters threatening our community’s safety and health.

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