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Tree Care Checklist For A Beautiful Spring Landscape

Dublin winter may have quite an impact on your landscape. But before we even realize winter leaves, the snow is slowly replaced by green lawns, tulips growing, and crocuses from the ground. The days are getting longer and sunnier, making us more excited to spend outside time. 

Other things you see growing are new shoots and new buds on your evergreens and deciduous trees. Early spring and the late winter are the best time in Dublin to prepare a  tree care checklist. Our spring lawn care tips are 100% effective for Dublin spring. So, let’s review how you can use some of our tips for a healthy landscape.

Tree care checklist in spring for a beautiful landscape:

1. Clean up your trees

Your post-winter work in the tree care checklist starts with checking your trees. You want to check them before the new leaves grow, as it is also easier to notice problems in leafless branches. 

As you inspect, you look for the branches that go cracked or bent from the weight of the ice or snow. To solve all this, you can call upEmerald Garden Services  Sadly, some of the younger and weaker trees cannot withstand the winter winds along with the collected debris. Our tree surgeons in Dublin take care of it, by including it in our tree health checklist. We rightly remove those wicked branches for your safety.

Clean up the twigs and leaves that are spread around your property. We also improve shrubs by trimming the twigs and dead branches for healthy shape and growth. 

2. Prepare them for spring

You want your tree care checklist to make your trees spring-ready, i.e., the Dublin storms. Unfortunately, your tallest trees are the targets of lightning. We have certified arborists that can install your lightning protection system. Our Installation makes sure that the lightning moves to an alternative path towards the ground while keeping your tree safe. 

3. Soil Care

Most of the problems that you witness above your tree ground are because of the poor base of the soil. Through Emerald Garden’s soil care program, we can experiment with the issues in your soil. It can be either mineral deficiency or pH imbalance and provide you with solutions to fix it. 

Checking the soil quality is the first step of our tree planting checklist. Fixing the base at first passes on to our tree care checklist. For example, By adding a 3 to 4-inch mulch layer we suppress weeds, retain temperature, maintain temperature, and manicure your tree’s appearance.

4. Take care of your lawn

Just filling out the tree care checklist is not enough. You want a beautiful lawn which you need to take care of. 

Let’s see how!

For lawn, Emerald’s soil care program includes soil compaction treatment. We address this by letting oxygen enter your soil through aeration. Once we improve your soil, your landscape has better chances of survival.

Opportunistic plants like weeds are stressful. We combine post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicides to minimize your weeds. We know the kind of weeds well and how to deal with them respectively. For example, it is better when we manage Crabgrass in the early spring. 

Expect A Calm And Beautiful Spring Landscape!

With our extreme experience in maintaining landscapes, we offer you a calm nature landscape to live on. We are equipped with the right tools and experts to turn your dream landscape into reality. We act according to our checklist for lawn care tips for spring in Dublin. Let us hear what your landscape is suffering from!

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