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5 Ways To Do Better Landscaping With Trees

Trees give us a lot more than just oxygen. But we often tend to take them for granted. As we stroll or drive by our neighborhood trees, we often forget to notice them. But we do not realize how a tree can enhance our landscape until we plant them.

In landscaping with trees, the size and shape of your tree are quite important. Tree shapes are essential to landscape design, just like any other design. Hence we bring you some tips on landscaping with trees to compliment your outdoor aesthetic.  

5 Ideas for landscaping trees and shrubs in your outdoor space to create a better view

1. Know which tree species grow better

Research which trees and shrubs are most appropriate in your Dublin area. Only start landscaping with trees and shrubs. Remain in your safest zone by including native trees. Dublin is home to native plants such as oak, birch, hazel, rowan, and Scots pine.

Are you attracted to some gorgeous non-native trees? For example, the Western Redbud is a gorgeous tree. The pink and purplish bloom serves as a great view in the spring. But it’s a California native plant. 

No issues! Emerald Garden Services can grow your favorite non-native plants just like the native ones. We know each tree species. 

2. Select the location

Your chosen location depends on the species you choose. Only particular surroundings can fit certain landscaping trees and shrubs. You want to check the size, permanent fixtures, or surrounding structures. For example, you do not want your tree roots to tear your sidewalks later. 

You want to crosscheck the matured tree size while landscaping with trees. We guide you at every step. If you need help choosing the right location for your new plant, we’re always ready. We consider sunlight exposure and soil quality the most. 

3. Match the other parts of the landscape

Plant trees or shrubs that match the other parts of your landscape. It looks classy and organized. For example, there’s a pond in the focal point of your landscape. A tree celebrating the view would look great in this color scheme. 

Dublin tree services remain greatly updated with landscape designs. We can help you choose the perfect tree fit for the theme and design your landscape. 

4. Find out your purpose

You can have different purposes in landscaping with trees. To make where and what to plant easier, consider the why!

Want privacy? Add tall deciduous trees! Want organic walkways? Plant lush shrubs, or add colorful flower plants! You have endless options.

For example, Grecian Laurel is a beautiful shrub that can be grown for both shade and privacy. 

5. Conduct long-term care

Trees continue growing for several years. Similarly caring for them just ends after planting. Caring landscaping with trees goes on for life. It doesn’t matter what tree species or shrubs you plan to choose. Only routine maintenance and care can give health and beauty to your trees.

Know to water, prune, trim, and take care before you begin landscaping with trees. Working with certified landscaping and tree service, you’ll get personalized landscape maintenance. 

We can routinely help you to keep your landscape healthy, safe and beautiful. 

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Make your landscaping with trees interesting with Emerald Landscaping Service. We have been beautifying homes and commercial properties with outstanding landscaping. Assure an ecstatic place to work or live in with us. 

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