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Who’s Responsible For A Fallen Tree? Let’s find out

Trees beautify our homes, increase property value, and offer fresh air. But when a branch falls off, it damages our property, or even us.

Imagine what happens when a tree falls! 

There are a lot of things involved. Most importantly, who is responsible for the home insurance tree removal. Property owners are sometimes liable to tree damage insurance. To know better, let’s discuss who is responsible for a tree fall

Conditions involved in removing a fallen tree causing severe damage to its surroundings

What caused the tree to fall?

There can be many reasons behind a fallen tree. Some factors are completely out of control, while some others can be due to ignorance. Let’s know from the following two points:

  • Due to negligence: Negligence is when a tree is not properly cared for. This may be when we do not trim our trees at the right time. Sometimes, we tend to ignore pest infestations, or couldn’t identify when they are sick. 
  • Due to natural reasons: This is natural, so nobody is responsible! These are the factors like strong winds, hurricanes, snowstorms, or any such unavoidable events.

Who owns the tree?

If you live in an area with many trees, then it’s difficult to tell about the ownership. Let’s determine whose tree it is:

  • It’s considered yours when the tree trunk is inside your boundary line. The growing branches and leaves section doesn’t count. Even if most of the branches are on the other side, it’s your tree. 
  • It’s your neighbor’s when the trunk roots are inside your neighbor’s property.
  • It’s shared when the trunk is on the property line. Both of you share the boundary tree if it’s on the boundary line.

Will the homeowner insurance include fallen trees?

Well, there are conditions! Let’s find out if the homeowner’s insurance covers a fallen tree cost:

  • Not included- It’s not included when the cause is negligence, like improper maintenance and care. Here, the homeowner’s insurance doesn’t include any clean-up, repairs, or removal costs.
  • Included- The insurance is included when a natural cause results in the fallen tree. Your homeowner’s insurance covers the damage and removal cost. When a tree damages a shared boundary fence, both you and your neighbor are covered 50%-50%.

If a tree falls on my property, but its trunk is on a public property, who is responsible for its removal?

In such a case your community leaders are responsible for removing the tree and the associated cost. But, the price of any loss repair is to be included under your homeowner’s policy. 

Can I perform a DIY removal?

Never! Removing a fallen tree is one of the riskiest jobs. It’s even worse when you lack experience and training.  

A DIY idea may seem tempting, but successful fallen tree removal is a complex process. You need proper licensing and specialized equipment. Any damage caused to your own or neighbors’ property during DIY removal is your responsibility.

The same goes if you hire an unlicensed tree services company in Dublin.

Not getting a homeowner’s insurance coverage? Amherst Landscaping at your rescue!

We give discounts on a fallen trees! Irrespective of the unnatural conditions like pest infestation or improper trimming, nobody likes a fallen tree. Hence, we offer discounts on such an unintentional fallen tree removal. 

We are licensed and experienced! So next time, when you are tense thinking “a tree fell on my property”, do not go to just anyone.

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