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5 Important Facts To Know About Stump Grinding

If you have experienced removing a tree from your property, then you know about the complex stump that is left behind. For many, these stumps are quite obstructive to new planting.

Stump grinding at all can serve you greatly with a beautiful landscape. There are various benefits of stump grinding and all you need to do is find a tree service professional in Dublin. Professional stump grinding services like Emerald Garden Services can provide you with the greatest benefits of stump grinding. However, let’s analyze some of the facts to know more about grinding.

5 Facts to Know Better About Stump Grinding


Grinding is removing the tree stump through a specialized process. We usually remove a stump with our specific grinding machine. Similarly, any stump grinding service can shred your tree stump into smaller pieces. 

At Emerald garden Services, we use a strong rotating blade to rip your stump into tiny pieces of wood as it turns. Our operator continuously guides the machine blade across the whole stump while it gets reduced into pieces until the ground level. 

The wood chips and roots

Grinding involves removing the stick-out part of the stump. We keep the root system in place but grind it to a level that it can no longer grow after removing the light source. Grinding the stump gives you a pile of wood chips that can be used as mulch or you can toss it into your green waste bin. 

Benefits of stump grinding

  • Gives safe and convenient access to your property or lawn. 
  • Enhances your property aesthetics.
  • Removes growth of fungus because fungi adore decaying wood.
  • Avoids rotting of the stump, while making it a familiar ground for breeding of termites, ants, and snakes.

Cost of stump grinding

The cost of grinding depends on your stump diameter and circumference and the type of your tree. Your tree may also have harder wood than the others, where we may need longer time for grinding. Generally, stump grinding only includes the tree stump itself.

We can ground the surface roots, but it can pose risk to the underground services and may impact your surrounding turfed areas and garden. For such reasons, we prefer to ground only some significant surface roots.

Potential risk 

The equipment used during the tree stump removal is critical to handle. If operated incorrectly, it may cause impactful danger to the operator as well as the people surrounding them. 

In addition to the shredded woods, other things such as rocks, glass, and nails can lie around the area, and hitting those with the blade can cause chaos. 

At Emerald Garden services, our experts are provided with PPE to shield and remain away from any flying debris. Our team always remains constantly in check that the cutter wheel is turned off before leaving the control station. 

A professional for assured safety 

Yes, you can find many tree services company in Dublin, but you cannot be sure of their work efficiency and safety until you hire them. 

Emerald Gardening services train their professionals to perform with all safety measurements. We have performed many tree removal services in Dublin earlier, including stump grinding. As such, you can trust us with safety and professional stump grinding or tree removal.

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