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When It Is Time For Your Tree To Get A Thorough Trimming?

Every tree we plant in our gardens requires proper trimming to keep its aesthetic shape and improve its desired growth. But tree trimming is a delicate business, and one must know when and how to do it properly. Improper trimming can damage the plant severely and even destroy it completely.

Generally, the best timing for tree trimming resides between middle and late winter. Then when spring begins, the trees can grow back in better shape. But there is a very crucial fundamental difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. In pruning, you remove all excess branches and dead branches. In trimming, you only remove the branches that have excess growth and make the tree aesthetically unpleasing in looks. 

Now, let us discuss the symptoms you need to look for, and if you see them, you can start trimming the plant. 

Best Time for Tree Trimming and tree pruning

Poor Looks:

Trees in your gardens or yards are meant to have a royal look and impression. So, it may be an excellent time to consider giving a call to ‘Emerald Garden Services,’ one of the leading tree maintenance services in Dublin, if you are looking at unusual growths or the tree looks distorted. Poorly formed trees with ailing twigs or branches growing in different directions. These growths may also damage the tree’s structural integrity, leading to its branches becoming too heavy and increasing its risk of breaking.


Tree trimming becomes necessary when the tree gets affected by any disease. Some common symptoms of a disease-ridden tree include premature falling of leaves and branches; discoloration of leaves, trunks, and bark; white powdery mildew, and blisters and spots on the leaves and branches. For the correct diagnosis, seek the help of an arborist or professional tree trimming services to give the tree some better care. The experts can recommend the most appropriate process of trimming

Aesthetical Shape:

Often, people want to make their tree turn into a specific shape and size. To make the tree look amazing, you need to deploy professional trimming and pruning service. This shape-shifting of a tree is a very difficult job, and it takes a lot of time. Apart from that, it takes huge expertise to know exactly which branches to chop off and which branches to trim or prune. Depending on the tree’s species and required shape, experts will also choose a specific season for the job. If the job is done in the wrong season, it can severely damage the tree. 

Removal of Pests:

Many times, pests like ants find shelter in the branches and leaves. Later, they start to damage the tree. So, if your tree is currently hosting pests, trimming and pruning become extremely necessary to save its life.

Removal of unattractive and dead branches:

Often, trees cannot get rid of their dead branches, but sometimes, these branches can keep absorbing vital nutrients and water, which the tree can use for other attractive branches and grow better. So, if your tree cannot get rid of its dead and unattractive branches, you need thorough trimming. This will ensure the better growth of your tree and increase its flower and fruit-bearing capacity.

Trees make your backyard or garden beautiful and improve the air quality of your property. But it is only possible if you take proper care of it. But often, the task becomes very tough for an untrained person. To solve your tree trimming issues, you can always trust Emerald Garden Service for all your tree care needs.  

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