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Top Quintessential Things You Must Know About Spring Lawn Fertilization

Want to know the secret to a beautiful, lush, and green lawn? As per the tree services company in Dublin, it’s by fertilizing trees in spring.

Spring yard fertilization makes sure your lawn has all the required nutrients it needs to combat tough elements. The resultant effect will be a mesmerizing oasis that’s ready for summertime.

Here, we’ll provide a beneficial guide to fertilizing trees in spring. Let’s get to it.

Benefits Of Fertilizing Trees In Spring

During the winter dormant season, your lawn goes into a hibernation state. When it wakes up in spring, it craves food. Fertilizing it immediately gives the lawn the nutrients it needs to “green up”. 

Here is a more detailed outlook on the plus points of spring yard fertilization –

Strengthens Roots

As the soil warms in the spring temperature, tree roots come out of their dormancy phase. The health and appearance of your lawn all year depend on this root system. Fertilizing trees in springs boosts a deeper root system that sets your green life to handle tough droughts and hot weather.

Early Weed Control

Annoying lawn weeds start to germinate in spring. Fortunately, you can keep your lawn shielded from the weeds by applying an early fertilizer. The fertilizers contain a generous amount of herbicide that controls invasive weeds before they can even emerge. This keeps your gardens and trees weed-free all summer.

Now, let’s look at when and how you should fertilize your trees in spring.

What Is The Best Time For Spring Lawn Fertilization?

When it comes to fertilizing trees in spring, we recommend applying it once between February and May. For the second round of fertilization, stick between May and June. You need to keep a gap of at least 5-8 weeks between early and late spring fertilization.

How Should You Fertilize Trees In Spring?

Now that we’ve understood when to fertilize, let’s discuss how to do it. For the best results from fertilizing trees in spring, follow these steps:


Water your trees thoroughly a few days before the fertilizing day. This is to keep the soil moist enough to accept the fertilizer and nutrients well.

Purchase A Spreader

You’ll need a spreader for fair distribution of the fertilizer. Generally, you get two types of spreaders: drop and broadcast. The optimal way to choose the right one for your trees is to check the bag of fertilizer and get the type of spreader it recommends.


To start the fertilization process, first, load the right amount of fertilizer into the spreader. Dig small holes around the dripline and distribute the fertilizer equally among the holes. Then, fill in the holes. This procedure will put the nutrients directly into the tree’s root zones.

Give Your Trees A Spring Meal With Emerald Garden Services

Your trees are the most charming, hard-working, and valuable elements of your yard. With Emerald Garden’s expert tree surgeons in Dublin, feed them a nutritious snack after the hibernating season. Fertilizing trees in spring with our team can give your greens adequate energy and growth throughout the year.

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