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Vital Tips And Tricks Homeowners Must Essentially Take To Care For Newly Planted Trees

There is always a bit of stress and strain involved when relocating to a new address. It takes a while to settle into the new surroundings and environment.

Such is also the case with trees shifting to a new location. The tree surgeons in Dublin may have uprooted an existing tree and transplanted them elsewhere. Or you may have purchased a new tree and planted it on your property. 

All these are essentially cases of relocation. And under these instances, trees do undergo some stress as well. 

Thankfully, there are some steps homeowners can take to shield their newly planted trees. This will assist the trees in overcoming the trauma and flourishing in their new environment. Here are the tips for caring for young trees.

Steps To Care For Newly Planted Trees And Shrubs

Water Properly

Newly planted trees require more frequent watering than trees that are established. Watering gets your newbies to a great start. So, make sure you do the task properly.

For the first 6 weeks, water the tree every day. You can do the watering manually or use a designated line on your drip system. 

When watering newly planted trees, avoid shallow watering. This encourages the growth of shallow surface roots in your tree. Also, you would want to keep away from overwatering. Too much saturation can smother the roots of the newly planted trees.

Having correct watering tools is also a key consideration. Ideally, you can use a drip system and soak hoses for revolutionized irrigation. They make watering new trees easy and effective. 

Fertilize Lightly While Planting

Some light fertilization at the time of planting can be beneficial for the new tree. If you hire Emerald Garden Services, this is something we will do for you.

But if you are planting the tree yourself, make sure about the quantity of fertilizer. The amount will vary depending upon the size and species of the tree. 

After the initial planting, trees won’t require any more fertilization until year two. Consult the help of Emerald Garden Services for future fertilization. Our professionals will ensure your trees continue to get what they need to thrive at their best.

Think Wisely While Pruning

Pruning should be on the radar while discussing care for newly planted trees. Serious pruning shouldn’t be done until year two. The only pruning that you need to perform right away is to remove limbs broken during the transporting stage. 

Once the two years are done, take out the pruning shears. Establish a central leader from the newly planted tree. This will assist the tree in forming its main trunk. Then, trim out any competing large branches that may lead to imbalance. 

Mulch Newly Planted Trees

Mulching is vital to assist new sapling trees in retaining moisture. It helps to keep the soil temperature in check. Also, it kicks weeds into the bay that would otherwise compete with the new tree for resources. 

But be sure not to over-mulch the tree. As this will create a cool and damp environment to encourage pests, fungi, and diseases. 

Hand Over Your Worries About Newly Planted Trees To Emerald Garden Services

Our Dublin tree services can get your tree off to the best possible start with the right tree care. With our services, there would be no fear of burning a hole in your pockets. Flawless service at reasonable rates is our motto. 

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